Assistance to US Military/DOD charters requires special attention and care, for which ARE is prepared with highly experienced personnel. We are present in all the military airports throughout Italy, offering a variety of services such as:

  • Arranging crew layover coordination, hotels, and ground transportation services.
  • Coordinating catering requests
  • PPR requests/coordination
  • Operational functions: ATC slot, flight plan coordination through Base Ops; liaise with the TACC and local military departments.
  • Full supervision of ramp and aircraft turnaround.
  • Ensure all services airside (fuel, catering, cleaning etc.) required for turnaround are on site upon aircraft arrival and ready to act immediately.
  • Management of delays, arranging for passenger welfare and assistance as per AMC contract requirements.
  • Liaise with local base ops for any discrepancies related to flight operations, such as AMC violations and/or delays, which will immediately be transmitted to the airline with complete report.
  • Contact with airline and down-line stations for any special loading and/or crew request.
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